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Why We Are Unique

Our solutions are unique because our approach is unique:

This is our only business. We focus on the Communications Industry - and we do it holistically:

  • Both online and off-line, across all channels - from the Point of Sale to the Web and from Dial-up to Broadband to Wireless.
  • Through the complete customer interaction life-cycle - from marketing to sales to commerce to service.

We have in-depth experience deploying these solutions for communications and next generation service providers. Since 1994, we have been developing industry-leading e-business solutions. At a time when other companies were starting to build websites, we were looking at using the Web to enhance the total customer experience. Throughout our evolution, we've come to understand the real business requirements of real companies that need to bring in real profits.

Be it Asia Online, among Asia's largest ISPs, for which we delivered a complete, mission-critical customer management infrastructure in four months and very rapidly replicated our solution across their properties in Asia and Australia.

Or Massive Media Group, for which we delivered the world's first complete customer management infrastructure for the digital media industry.We offer our clients real experience - and real solutions.

With our technology as the glue, we pull together industry-leading applications, creating comprehensive solution sets that are proven and accelerate the time-to-market.

Our solution sets target four different segments of the Communications Industry - ISPs / ASPs, CLECs; Broadband Service Providers, Wireless Service Providers and Digital Media and Entertainment Service Providers. Our solutions are also gaining strong acceptance in Business-to-Business environments.

US Interactive is the only e-Commerce Integrator that has built its own robust, standards-based technology framework for customer management solutions. This technology allows:

  • Customers to work collaboratively with the enterprise and its partners through a set of customizable Web-accessible eViews. The eViews can be consistently extended to all customer access devices - POS, Call center, Web, wireless, and broadband.
  • The interaction is comprehensive because the Industry Business Models capture industry-specific customer interaction processes.
  • Finally, the e2e HUB and Connectors components of our Integration Infrastructure allow real-time transactions by connecting with all relevant enterprise systems.

Our industry-focused solution sets harness some of the best technology partners available. Strategic partners include Portal, Vignette, Commerce One, IBM and Sun. While other vendors implement packages, we deliver value to our partners by integrating their applications with those of other application suppliers, providing rich new functionality to our customer solutions.

US Interactive is a global, multi-cultural organization. And, our skills are eclectic - technologists, strategists, user interaction experts, systems analysts, telecommunications wizards, billing and CRM application gurus, digital media professionals and project managers. From this fertile pool, we forge teams to build solutions for our clients that enable them to identify, acquire, and retain the customers who keep their businesses profitable and growing.

US Interactive implements projects by deploying teams from our regional Solution Centers. Our rigorous IVL Methodology, customized to solve customer management problems for the Communications Industry, guides our specialists through Innovation, Validation and Launch by focusing on the needs of Internet-centric customer management solutions every step of the way.

Lessons learned from each engagement are formalized, studied and refined by our Engineering Labs, enabling us to offer our clients among the smoothest, most proven deployments in the industry.

The USI combination of technology, an industry focused common information model, innovative project methodologies and key partnerships create a unique industry offering that constitutes an 80% pre-integrated solution that can be efficiently and rapidly customized and deployed. The deep application knowledge of the project teams lays the groundwork. The connector technology provides immediate application hooks into the e2e hub service platform. And the e2e hub is ready to mediate all inter-application communication as well as application communication with the customer's OSS. Additionally, the delivery experience and expertise of our project teams gained from numerous repeatable engagements insure the highest quality solutions, deployed in the shortest time possible.

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