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Portal Infranet Connectors

Enterprise Application Integration for Real-time eBusiness

Real-time availability of information within and across business boundaries has become a necessity to stay competitive and profitable in today's connected world. Customers expect the ability to instantly retrieve current, accurate information about their accounts, and they also expect the ability to perform transactions on their accounts 24 hours per day. In addition to this self-service convenience, customers also expect that your Customer Service Representatives will know their entire account history when they call for assistance.

Our Operating Philosophy

To deliver on these customer expectations, all of your applications which support the various business functions must work together seamlessly and in real-time, with no manual intervention required. And many times these business processes even extend outside of your enterprise to 3rd party business partners. Companies have invested tremenous amounts of money to automate these customer facing business processes. But behind the scenes, managing the connectivity between all of these applications has proved to be an enormous task which only increases in complexity as the business grows.

EAI Services: End-to-End Solutions for eBusiness

US Interactive is a leading provider of end-to-end business process automation solutions based on integration technologies. We help companies automate their business processes which may be distributed across enterprise applications, operational and business support systems and supply chains. We provide you with pre-built connectors to your existing applictions, as well as a framework and a toolset to manage these distributed business processes as your company grows and evolves. Using our framework, companies gain tremendous competitive advantage through improved customer service, faster deployment of new services, and greatly decreased systems integration costs.

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