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Unified Views for Real-time eBusiness

A successful eBusiness enterprise's value network consists of customers, partners, intermediaries, and suppliers. The Internet is allowing all business processes in the value network to be electronically enabled for seamless execution, with low latency or in real-time. This means delivering access to information and business processes to your users anytime and anywhere, using an Internet browser or a wireless device.

To provide this "anywhere, anytime" access for your customers, employees, and business partners, you need a framework and a toolset which simplifies the creation of web and wireless portals. This framework should provide easy access to the data and business processes which are distributed across multiple back-office systems in your enterprise. The framework should also provide pre-built user interaction flows and templates which model the most common business processes you are likely to need, so that you can minimize the amount of time you need to spend customizing web pages. However, the framework should also give you complete control over the look and feel of the web and wireless portals, so that the finished product is familiar to your users and reinforces your brand identity.

Unified View Solutions for Real-time eBusiness

US Interactive is a leading provider of web and wireless portal solutions based on eBusiness integration technologies. We enable companies to automate their value network of customers, employees, and business partners by providing each of these user groups with a single, customized web interface supporting their particular needs. These web and wireless portals tie directly into the necessary back-office systems and business processes, providing a real-time Unified View of the enterprise and the customer. This enables the company to provide many benefits to its customers, employees, and business partners:

  • Provide customers with a single, unified view of their entire relationship with the company for immediate real-time account status and information
  • Improve convenience for customers by providing 24 hour access via the web and wireless devices for services such as online bill payment, service requests, transactions, trouble tickets, etc
  • Reduce support costs by giving employees and partners a single view of the customer, greatly simplifying customer service requests, billing adjustments, updates to personal information, etc
  • Strengthen customer relationships by enabling customer service representatives to see the entire relationship and account history, providing opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling
  • Speed time to revenue by making all customer-interaction processes faster and more efficient

    US Interactive provides pre-built components which enable companies to rapidly achieve these benefits at low cost. Our solutions can be implemented incrementally to deliver immediate business results with minimum up-front investment. And our entire award-winning framework of EAI, CRM, and Unified View solutions integrates together seamlessly, creating a very powerful customer management platform. Perhaps more importantly, our solutions are also designed from the ground up using open, Internet standards, making them easy to integrate with technologies from other vendors.

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