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Viag Interkom Viag Interkom

Viag Interkom, a joint venture between British Telecom, Viag and Telenor, was created to take advantage of emerging opportunities in the deregulated German communications market. Today, it is that country's third largest communications services provider, offering mobile service as well as Internet access to corporate and residential customers.

In 1998, Viag Interkom faced a daunting challenge meet a series of strict deadlines for the deployment of its entire OSS and customer operations or put its license in jeopardy. The company faced other challenges. Viag wanted to differentiate itself in the marketplace through innovative technology, and by providing a superior customer experience across all contact points and functions whether that meant product cost, ordering, solving service problems or settling bill issues.

The complexity of the technology combined with the impending deadline made the implementation that much more critical. With that in mind, Viag turned to USI for the solution.

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