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The US Interactive Customer Management Platform

The US Interactive Customer Management Platform supports the fastest development and deployment of comprehensive customer management solutions in the communications industry. Hence new services can be brought to market in record time, providing an enormous competitive advantage.


The business environment of the global communications industry is characterized by intense competition. More choices and the rapid introduction of new services are the norm. The net result is that market survival demands an intense focus on delivering a superior customer experience. USI believes that the best response is a comprehensive business solution that presents a single view of the customer and automates all customer interaction processes in a flow-through manner and that can be delivered in the fastest possible time.

The US Interactive Customer Management Platform enables such a solution with its ability to integrate enterprise and supply chain partner applications and present a single web-based view of the customer that can be extended across multiple channels and devices.

The platform consists of 3 components:

eViews eViews deliver a single, unified and 360-degree web-based view of the customer. It is designed specific to the needs of communications companies with a focus on the presentment of information surrounding product and services, Order Management, Billing, dispute resolution, payment and Customer Service. The business logic for eViews is encapsulated in Industry Business Models. US Interactive has built Industry Business Models for ISPs, ASPs, CLECs and service providers in Broadband, Digital Media and Wireless. e2e Hub is the infrastructure which hosts eViews. It combines J2EE standards based, Internet-grade infrastructure for modeling and hosting web applications and an industrial strength EAI/B2Bi Integration infrastructure. Connectors provide business-rich out-of-the-box connectivity to packaged applications such as CRM, Billing, Order Management, Provisioning and ERP. US Interactive has "productized" connectors for the Portal Infranet billing system. In addition, it has configurable connectors for a host of systems, including:

  • Generic XML, Flat Files, Databases, HTTP etc.
  • CRM Vantive (Peoplesoft), Siebel, Remedy
  • Billing Lucent Kenan, Amdocs, Saville, Jupiter, LHS
  • Order Management Eftia


  • Reduced time to market: US Interactive builds comprehensive solutions for specific segments of the communications industry by integrating best of breed applications with the e2e Hub. With 80% of the solution pre-fabricated, clients can go live with a greatly accelerated "time to market". This results in substantial cost savings in both the development and delivery of the solution.
  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty: A single unified view of the customer helps resolve customer problems faster. Automating processes ensures they are completed faster and without error. The end result is a superior customer experience.
  • Reduced cost of operations: Automating customer interaction processes helps remove slack time and makes resources more efficient.
  • Increased Revenues: By making a single view of the customer available at the point of interaction, the organization can more effectively cross-sell and up-sell. Moreover a completely integrated platform facilitates the development and delivery of a new generation of products and services.
  • Protected investments in existing systems: The e2e Technology Framework does not obsolete your current systems. Instead, it extends their life by linking them seamlessly into the new framework where they can be integrated with other applications.


ISPs/ASPs/CLECs: Asia Online, one of the leading ISPs in Asia, used the US Interactive e2e Hub v2 to integrate Portal Infranet billing system with the Vantive Customer Service application and a host of internal and partner systems to build a complete customer management solution that delivers a single view of the customer and complete automation of customer processes.

Wireless Carriers: Mobil Rom, a France Telecom subsidiary, uses e2e Hub v2 to provide contact center automation and web self-service by integrating Vantive CRM, Genesys CTI, Jupiter Billing and many other systems and tying them into the web.

Broadband/Digital Media: Massive Media Group, the world's first clearing house for Digital Content, uses e2e Hub v2 to integrate the Portal Infranet billing system with Digital Rights Management technology from Intertrust. ISPs, ASPs and CLECs such as Loudcloud, Via Networks, Encanto, Navinet and Xevo, Wireless Carriers such as Bellsouth, Mannesmann, Telefonica and Cable and Wireless, and Broadband / Digital media companies such as Sirius radio and Cidera use the US Interactive Customer Management Platform to deliver superior business solutions for customer management.

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