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Product Details

US Interactive's e2e Hub provides the core features to build industry-specific, repeatable and web-based customer management applications that connect in real-time to enterprise and partner systems. It provides comprehensive functionality for modeling user interactions and distributed business processes, automate these processes in real-time in the extended enterprise and monitor and manage the integrated environment. Combined with US Interactive's eViews and system-specific connectors built using e2e Hub and best-of-breed partner applications, it provides the most comprehensive, pre-integrated customer management solution for the Communications industry.

Components of e2e Hub provide the necessary building blocks for a customer management solution. The Business Process Designer helps model user interactions and distributed business processes and provides a event-driven, process-based model for integration across the extended enterprise. eFlows is a J2EE compliant, standards based, internet-grade infrastructure that helps manage the web-based user interactions in run-time. InfoHub is the run-time component for process integration that provides the necessary security, message reliability and scalability functions. Together, eFlows and InfoHub form the run-time infrastructure. The Connector Development Kit provides a set of generic, configurable connectors for databases, XML, HTTP etc. as well as tools to build system-specific connectors rapidly. The Manager helps configure the integration environment across the extended enterprise and keep track of business processes as they happen in real-time. Core features include:

Comprehensive Platform: e2e Hub has been built from the ground-up as a comprehensive platform to deliver real-time, Internet-centric customer management solutions. It helps model and build a "single, unified view of the customer" and comprehensive customer interaction functions at the level of the Web. It then ensures that the business processes initiated because of these user interactions are executed in a seamless and flow-through manner across the extended enterprise. It removes difficulties and bottlenecks associated with multi-vendor infrastructure.

Process-based, event driven: e2e Hub looks at EAI/B2Bi integration in the context of automating business processes for the extended enterprise. Information exchange with applications within the enterprise and with partners happens in real-time based on business conditions and with the objective of executing steps in the business process. It thus provides a platform to optimize business processes, remove slack in resources and time and reduce errors.

Standards-based, Middleware and Application Server neutral: By adhering comprehensively to Internet standards, e2e Hub ensures compliance with current and future applications and technologies. More over the complete infrastructure can move seamlessly and with little effort to the most powerful and optimal application servers and middleware of the customers' choice.

High Performance, Scalability and Reliability

To optimize transaction throughput, e2e Hub supports with powerful tools load balancing and performance tuning. Synchronous transactions bypass the Info-hub and communication happens directly between connectors. Load balancing can be achieved with multiple instances of both Info Hub and connectors with configurable load. Instances can work with "automatic failover" mode and features for "manual failback" and transaction recovery in the case of failure ensures there is no single point of failure in the execution path of a distributed transaction. At the eFlows level, it takes advantage of clustering features of the application server, BEA Weblogic. Moreover, hardware and component additions are enabled using configuration tools without adding any lines of code.

Features and Benefits

Business Process Designer



Visual process and user interaction modeling environment

Process analysts and domain experts and not programmers defining the distributed processes

Template driven approach to modeling business logic using visual flows, forms, form events and data

Ensures best practice templates for web-based customer management applications can be built rapidly and re-used

Auto-generation of code for EJB, Beans and Schema persistence

Minimizes programming effort for the final solution

Comprehensive definition of processes using objects, events, tasks and workflow

Model accurately real-life business processes

Use business rules and data-directed routing for modeling flexibility

Model accurately real-life business processes

Powerful visual data mapping tool to transform data formats and protocols between applications

Comprehensive integration logic can be defined quickly and easily ensuring faster speed of solution implementation

Sophisticated Expression builder for business rules and data mapping. Provides for custom expressions as well

Use complex expressions to reflect real requirements for process routing and data transformation




Separate presentation and business layers

Layered architecture ensures support for multiple presentation media and user interaction devices

Template driven approach

Best practices for industry segments can be quickly converted into applications which are rapidly customizable and extensible

Supports round trip engineering

Flexible development with positive feedback loops between business functionality and user experience

Meta-data driven extensible business logic

Re-usability and extensibility ensures customized solutions can be created easily

Business logic implemented as EJBs

Strict adherence to Internet/Java standards (J2EE) ensures that customers can choose application server platform of their choice and their applications can interoperate

EJBs implemented on BEA Weblogic Server

Takes advantage of Weblogic's Clustering, load balancing and fail over features

Connected seamlessly to Infohub

Uses InfoHub and connectors to seamlessly access data from enterprise back-end or partner systems




Provides central repository for all business integration logic

Applications in the federation are agnostic of the integration logic ensuring plug-and-play of applications without immense amount of programming

Event Transport Layer provides message transport

Guaranteed delivery of messages between applications running on multiple hardware and software platforms across the extended enterprise

Event Transport is architected to be middleware neutral

Protects clients investment and takes advantage of mature middleware technologies

Currently implemented on Tuxedo

Tuxedo is widely accepted in the communications industry and is proven for message reliability

Sophisticated Security Features including Authentication, Encryption on demand and support for 3rd party encryption platforms

Ensures the deployment of security infrastructure that meets business requirements and optimizes on transaction load and infrastructure support

Connector Development Kit



Encapsulates logic to 3rd party applications using file, database or API connectivity

Connectors built by defining what information needs to be exchanged and under what business circumstances reducing programming efforts and building components required to run real-world solutions

Event Manager component tracks and captures business events

Ensures information exchange with applications happens in the context of business processes in real-time

Generic connectors for files, databases, XML, HTTP others

Provided free, these help provide connectivity to a huge number of applications rapidly

C++ and Java API

Ensures clean API based connectivity wherever systems expose an API




Visual tool for centralized component configuration and deployment

Ensures all components and sub-components including connectors and e2e Hub can be deployed right very easily and rapidly

Powerful component management including: Start/Stop/Pause/Resume of Info-Hub, components and sub-components, enable/disable processes, parameter configuration and error handling and recovery

Powerful management features ensures the costs of and resources and time required for solution management are minimized

Track business processes graphically, using reports and alerts and notifications

Helps organizations react to market, business and environmental changes in real-time.

Hierarchical Management architecture that uses JDMK components

Ensures optimal manageability and maintenance using standards-based technologies by pushing management to the edge of the network using self-managing components

Platform Support

The Client components BPD and Manager - are available on Windows NT 4.0 Server. The Server Components are available on Windows NT 4.0 Server and Sun Solaris 2.7 and 2.7. It works on Oracle 7 and 8 databases. Requires 100 MB of disk space for the server and 50 MB each for the BPD and the Monitor Clients. Client Configuration should be P 166 MHz Desktop and 16 MB RAM or higher. Server Configuration should be

Licensing and Support

Standard packaging of e2e Hub includes Business Process Designer, Manager, Connector Development Kit, eFlows and InfoHub. BEA Weblogic Server and BEA Tuxedo, necessary components of implementation need to be purchased separately. Phone, e-mail and web-based Support is provided by US Interactive globally. Please contact US Interactive for further details.

Product Availablity

e2e Hub v3.0 on Win NT and Solaris is available now.

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